Friday, January 27, 2012

Going to Fiji with Imagination Airlines

Today the girls decided they were going to fly to Fiji.

They made their own passports and I just love the pictures they drew of themselves.

With a little help from The Mama and this site we produced some very realistic looking airline tickets.

Whilst the girls were out in the lounge setting up their plane, I made them some airline safety cards as a surprise. It was rather hard trying to find them online you know but some nerds people actually collect them as a hobby so I simply printed a copy of someones collection. Seriously this person had so many he had them alphabetised by airline!

Here's them on their plane. You can tell they are seasoned flyer's,
note the luggage stored under the seat in front of them.

The girls landed in Fiji and were met by someone with their lunch. After lunch they decided to head outside to play in the lovely warm "Fijian" sun and guess who was left to clean up! Actually they did offer, but as it had been raining on and off all day I sent them out to get some sun whilst it the sky was clear. You get that in the tropics ;)

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