Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crazy Carrots

Carrots have been a little over-priced here lately and really not that good a quality. Well the other day on our way home late from the movies I saw a sign at a road-side vegie shop advertising 10 kilos of carrots for $7.99.

Well I thought that was such a bargain that I asked The Pig to grab me a bag the next day on his way home from work.

What on earth was I thinking ... 20 kilo's ... that's nearly 45 pounds of big orange carrots, to my US friends.  Around 10 am I started and at about 1pm I wasn't even halfway through peeling, cutting and blanching them.

Maybe 8 kilos of carrots ... ahhhhh, not even half-way there!

I soldiered on and in the end probably froze about 17 kilos of them. 1 kilo went down to my mother-in-laws and of course some went into the fridge for later use.

My hands ended up orange, and my nails are still so terribly stained. Even my feet hurt from standing in the kitchen all day. The only time I stopped was to make lunch for the kids!

I have given The Pig permission to tell me what a plonker I am if I ever suggest doing that many again. On the plus side we do now have prepared carrots for quite a while. On the down side I never really want to see a carrot ever again!!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your Bog Lis. I feel like I've got my own personal "Better Homes & Gardens" on line. Happy New Year - can't wait to see what happens. Karenie

    1. Hi Karenie, I did get a bit excited with all the produce there for a while ;) We have about 18 fruit trees (all different) and so now have a load of plums ready. Am looking for a good plum sauce recipe now; have too much jam ... hehehe. Lisa xxx


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