Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines Hearts

The Fashionista decided to make these hanging hearts for her Valentines Day Swap.


They took her AGES, I was groaning by the time she finished them and almost offered to help but I didn't want to interfere ... not that she would have let me anyway, she's very independent. She did a really good job and didn't cut any corners, in fact she tends to add more when she makes things, if she feels they need a little something, hence the buttons on the plain hearts.

I want to know where my set is! She's making a set for her sister too, in yellow, her favourite colour.

The day she started making them she was wearing a t-shirt that had a balloon floating towards a cactus that is surrounded by hearts. Underneath it reads, "Impossible Love" ... she has a corny sense of humour, like her Mama.

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  1. These hearts are so beautiful! They'd make perfect gifts for birthdays too. I can just imagine all the work your girls did hand sewing around each heart. I bet whoever received them was really pleased!

    God bless!


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