Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Junior Trivial Pursuit

We were very fortunate to have been able to recently purchase some second-hand games and jigsaws from a homeschooling family that have finished homeschooling (graduated children ... yeah!).

One of the games we bought was Junior Trivial Pursuit. We had a ball playing this today as most of the questions were just great for our girls to answer. They weren't too hard but weren't too easy. We do have a couple of adult versions but they are just way too hard for the girls so we haven't used them in years.

Although they were hesitant to try the science questions when they had the choice, after a while they realised that they did pretty well on them. The sports questions were a bit hit and miss, but considering I didn't know some of the answers to them and I have a pretty well rounded knowledge of sports I wasn't bothered.

Unfortunately as this game "emigrated" from South Africa the "fun" questions were mostly South African related and we were a bit clueless with them so I had to sift through the cards for questions that weren't South African related, although if it's something that is interesting and worth them knowing about South Africa then by all means I left them in. No offence, but who is pictured on a certain dollar note is really not that important to my children living in NZ and that was one of the easier questions!

There was also another section, the TV and music section, which was a bit out of date for my girls. IE who was the oldest Huxtable Child  (I loved the Cosby Family!) and based on other sitcoms that I grew up with. I really enjoyed these questions, not so much the 10 and 8 year old ... he he, the Mama had an old age advantage.

I have purchased some small white stickers which will fit nicely onto the cards so that I can replace a few questions/answers for the next time we play but otherwise it is a super game to play with children and I'd recommend looking to add one of these to your games cupboard. In fact, if you are a homeschooler, you may even want to make all the question cards up yourself based on what you have been teaching your children. It would be a great way to revise. 


You may be wondering who won, well Scruffie felt we were spending too long on the game so decided to come and make his presence known. Each time we removed him, he simply came back and laid across the board. Soooo, the little walking mop, as the Papa refers to him, won this round!

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