Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Megan Rose Series - Book Review

I have been having a clean out of the book shelves and came across this series that I purchased a couple of years back for The Fashionista. 

The first book I purchased was called "Meghan Rose has Ants in Her Pants" written by Lori Scott, a retired first grade teacher and "mom" or mum as we say around this side of the world. 

It's about seven year old Meghan Rose who desperately wants some Kangeroozie shoes (shoes that bounce ... awesome!), after seeing them advertised on TV (we've all been there with our kids haven't we!). She is so desperate to get them, that she tries all kids of things to raise money and even makes a version with the help of her friends. All her efforts are in vain as each time something goes wrong often in a rather amusing way. Meghan finally talks to God about it and has the realisation that she needs to learn to be patient and show some self-control, a lesson perfect for my then very impatient 8 year old!

These books are very humorous, Meghan is an absolute character (think a christian Judy Moody or Ramona) and they all have a valuable lesson without coming across at all preachy or boring. At the back of all the books are discussion questions and some activities to do with your child. There is also a Meghan Rose website with more activities and information.

On some websites it says these books are aimed at ages 4 - 8 but the author herself suggests they are written more for 6 -10 year olds. I think it would depend on the reader. They were perfect for The Fashionista at 8 but I think Agent Smelly should have read them a bit earlier, say 6, as she reads at a similar level to her older sister. Either way they are great starter books for girls as they are easy enough to read and funny enough to keep them interested.

Because TF enjoyed that first book so much, I ended up purchasing the first eight in the series. I see there were a couple more released last year but by then she had outgrown them. They made her laugh and they were reasonably short and sweet which was great for her confidence. She actually got through them all, although not one straight after the other, which is a really super achievement for her. I actually beleive that these books helped TF on her journey into not "hating" reading so much.

Agent Smelly ripped through them all a few months back, we're talking a book a day; she's like her Mama. They were apparently "very easy to read and funny. Some I liked better than others and my favourite was Ants in Her Pants. I think I should get some Kangaroozies you know".  Ah yes, my very own little Meghan Rose.

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