Monday, February 4, 2013

Astronomy - Week 1

This year the girls and I planned that they would do more science. It's a subject they love and you can incorporate so many more subjects into science when you do it.

So one of the science subjects they will be doing this year is Astronomy and we'll be using one of the Apologia books, Exploring Creation with Astronomy, by Jeannie Fulbright.

I purchased them each a black jotter / journal book for them to put all their Astronomy work in. I am hoping to obtain some other things for them to add into their books along with the things that come with the lap book package that I also bought from CurrClick. They spent til five o'clock decorating the very front cover and the first inside page, even though I told them at three they could pack everything away. Apparently they were having too much fun decorating their books. Nerds!

In the first chapter they covered what astronomy is, some famous Astronomers and basically worked on a mnemonic for remembering the order of the planets. The mnemonic really challenged Agent Smelly and she got quite frustrated with it. The Fashionista was able to make one up pretty quickly.

The last activity of chapter one was to make a solar system with balloons but I remembered that I had this in the craft cupboard so gave them this to make instead.

The planets are black on one side of the cardboard but along the edge we ran some glow in the dark paint so they will light up in the evening. They weren't too scale as they needed to balance. They worked well together making it up.

Here's the finished product which they told me the Papa has to hang in the study ... their learning room apparently.

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