Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Anyone for Elastics

At Guides they have one of those Chinese Skipping Ropes or as I grew up calling them, Elastics. My girls just so fell in love with them so I popped one into each of their Santa sacks this year. Don't you just love those gifts you pick up for $2 that they get so much enjoyment from.

Anyway I knew it wasn't going to be easy to get back into full days of schoolwork this week so today I pulled out the elastics and each time both girls completed five equations I taught them a new ... game, I suppose you'd call them. Thank goodness for the Internet as it has loads of elastics songs and actions on there. Seriously, you don't think I remember any from my childhood days do you ... I can hardly remember where I put my keys half the time!

Well they absolutely loved them! I didn't rush them as I think there is something vaguely mathematical about jumping in a sequence. I also purposely didn't start the morning with any PE as I knew they'd be doing enough with the elastics. Once they mastered the routine, they sat back down at the table to do a few more equations, with more enthusiasm and smiley faces and although maths took longer than normal, it was without any moaning or dawdling.

They can't wait to go to Guides and show their friends some of the new routines.



  1. What shop did you find these? Would love to get a couple.

    1. Sorry Julie I can't remember which one exactly. They were just from one of those cheap $2 type shops. we used to make them from sewing elastic. Just buy a few metres of black elastic from Spotlight; you'll probably end up with a better length than ours ... you can't do two kids at a time ... ;)


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