Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Riding Lessons

The girls have started having lessons at a new equestrian centre. I was a little hesitant as this place is more than we have ever paid anywhere else but I thought I would give it a go and see how they went. I'd at least get an assessment from the instructor, so didn't think I had a lot to lose.

I was really impressed with the instructor and decided to let them have a couple more lessons with her. Even though it costs more than previous places, she had the girls doing more in one lesson than they have done in a whole term elsewhere but then that is her job as she is employed as a full-time professional riding instructor. In her opinion both girls are very strong and confident, which is a good thing on a horse apparently, but do have a couple of bad habits which she said she'd iron out within a couple of weeks as they both listen to instruction well. Really? Wonder what her trick is?

As it turned out in The Fashionista's second lesson she had her cantering around their new stadium and then much to both our surprise, taking jumps. Gotta say the smile on The Fashionista's face after completing her first jump, that was on the second rung, was priceless! She is just loving it and she's just been added to a group of girls around the same level so that is really good fun for her.

There she is on the appaloosa, (they are her favourite breed it just so happens, so she was stoked when she saw the horse they had put her name down for!). I couldn't take many pics as I hadn't realised the flash on her camera doesn't turn off and I didn't want to spook any of the horse. Last week both girls rode the painted horse, Ace, that is also in this picture. Ace is SOOOOO wide that they looked very funny with their little legs so splayed across his broad back.

Unfortunately there isn't another group around Agent Smelly's age / level around the same time so she is having private lessons still until she can be brought up to speed to join the group. She had the pro last week but this week she had a different lady who seemed quite good with her. Here she is on Gem. She is now cantering which I thought would never happen so we are even seeing progress with the little madam. Agent Smelly is not really into lessons, she would just love to jump onto any horse and hold on for dear life whilst racing across a paddock. She is an impatient little madam at times so this discipline is very good for her.

Both girls have commented on how they are doing so much more on the horses than they have ever done before so even they are seeing improvement in themselves which is always good for a persons confidence and enthusiasm.

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