Friday, February 22, 2013

Letting Go ...

Tonight the Papa and I dropped the girls off at their very first Rally Camp. We drove away from them, feeling decidedly odd. This is the first time that they have ever stayed away from us for more than one night and with people we don't really know personally.

Whilst the Rally leaders did ask for some parent volunteers, I spoke to the girls about this and they did not want me to come along and help. Well mostly it was The Fashionista who was adamant that she did not want me to come along. Now I could have been offended by this but in fact I was very pleased. I am ALWAYS with the girls at events, especially as I was involved with Guiding also. Also as a homeschooling Mama you are with them during their "school hours" so it must be nice for us all to have some time apart which we rarely do.

In the past The Fashionista would only go on camp if I did, so for her this a big step. I have been having a few second thoughts about Agent Smelly going along as she is only eight but she wanted to go, and they only hold a camp in February each year, so I thought I shouldn't place my own limitations and worries on her and kept my thoughts to myself. There was also the benefit that big sister would be there to provide a cuddle if needed. I didn't even share my concerns with the Papa who worries more than I do and would readily agree that she should stay at home til she's at least in her 20's!

So instead of being offended I took this as a sign that I was am growing confident young girls and sent them off with my blessings. 

Boy is it going to be hard to get to sleep tonight wondering how they are doing on their first night away.


  1. Lisa,

    I can remember my apprehensions when my children went off for their first St John Ambulance camp. I would have kept them at home with me if I could. But you are quite right. Kids need to move away from us and grow in confidence. It does help when siblings go away together. I bet your home was quiet though with both your daughters absent! Home never seems the same when someone is missing. Ah! The trials of being a parent. It's hard sometimes! All that letting go...

    1. There are times I just don't want to! I pointed out to the Papa that TF is nearly 11 so we only have about 6 or 7 years before she may want to head off to Uni or into the big bad world. His face whitened! It's not a good thought.


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