Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"The Imagination Station; Voyage with the Vikings" Book Review

The Imagination Station is a living history series. It is recommended for ages 7 and up and is christian based. In this first book we are introduced to the main characters, cousins Beth and Patrick, and Mr Whittaker, the inventor of the "Imagination Station" (time machine). There is an ongoing mystery in the background and in this volume the cousins must return to Viking times to obtain a Sunstone (and they don't actually know what one is) where they actually meet the Viking Erik the Red and his son Leif.

I read this first volume, like I always try to do for the books I get for the girls, just to see what they are about, and whether they are suitable for them (age and content wise). I confess, I enjoyed this lighthearted adventure so much, that I grabbed the second one off the shelf to see what happened next.

"The Imagination Station; Voyage with the Vikings"
Book review by The Fashionista aged 10 1/2

Two cousins, Beth and Patrick, go back in time using an invention of Mr Whittaker's that he called the Imagination Station. In this book they went back in time to the year 1,000 to find a Sunstone. They landed in Greenland and met, the Viking, Erik the Red.

I liked it because it was a fun adventurous book. The characters were cool because Beth is smart, Patrick is just a normal boy and Mr Whittaker reminds me of a nutty professor. I really liked Beth's viking outfit and found it amazing that they made Beth a slave because of her brown hair and Patrick was fair so they said he must be a viking. Also Erik the Red wanted Patrick's cape and thought he could just take it because of who he was. Erik would have probable killed them but for his son Leif and Hilda, Erik's wife, protecting them.

I learnt that back in those days Vikings were mostly violent and worshipped heaps of gods but a small group of them were peaceful Christians, like Hilda and Leif.


  1. Lisa,

    I just looked these books up on Amazon. There are Kindle copies! I just love being able to buy and download books quickly! Please thank the Fashionista for her delightful review. I am sure my girls would love to read this series too.

    1. They are quite a good simple read Sue and I have just ordered volumes 3 & 4. Let me know what you think once your girls have read them.

      BTW the Fashionista was pretty chuffed by your comment. She'll be keen to do more reviews now ... lol


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