Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Rally Camp

Apparently the camp was "brill"!

The Fashionista had a great time and loved every minute of it.

Agent Smelly said it was good, but that she doesn't want to go again next year. When I asked why it was apparently because their hike ended up taking 3 hours. It was a really hot day on Saturday too and they were up and down hills. Better them than me! 

I think this photo says it all ... I laughed when I saw it. AS does NOT have what is called a "poker face". 

I should also point out that AS and another girl were the only two eight year olds on camp and the rest were aged between 10 and 13 so it may have been just a bit much for her. Not going away, just staying in a tent and camping out without parents to help take care of them. A bit of a shock to the system I'd imagine.

She really did have a good time despite that walk.

There was a bit further from their campsite where the creek dropps into a large water hole. All the girls were able to take big jumps off the surrounding rocks into the pool. They had a ball! I sat and watched the girls at the hole for the Rally leaders whilst they did a final clean up and inspect of the camp site on the Sunday. The hole wasn't huge but it was really deep and they all worked together to take turns and the older girls helped the smallet girls get back to the sides. It looked like fun and was very adventurous stuff!

TF was in her element! I think she'd go camping every weekend if we let her but then I do recall when she was AS's age that she was still a bit apprehensive about heading away and would never go if I didn't. Her confidence and desire to camp without the Mama came round about when she hit 10 years of age.


  1. I'm glad your girls enjoyed the camp. Agent Smelly did so well! When I was older than her, I felt homesick whenever I went away. I always set off feeling very excited but I was always so glad to come home, even though I'd had a great time.

    God bless!

    1. Thanks Sue, They have another camp coming up in April and the Papa and I are rather looking forward to some alone time again. We had forgotten what that was like.


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