Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Unit Study on The Year of the Snake 2013

Yesterday was a public holiday in NZ, Waitangi Day (why-tang-ee), but because we had only just started back at school officially this week I didn't really want to take a break ... especially when the children didn't realise it was one ... hehe

I was planning to continue with out regular studies but when I opened by emails there was a special offer by CurrClick for a little unit study on Chinese New Year, so I thought why not Chinese New Year activities could be fun and I was right. The girls really enjoyed learning about why it occurs when it does (that took Agent Smelly a little while to get around her head), the horoscope, the food (they have planned a menu for us to have on the eve of Chinese New Year), and now have a huge desire to attend the Latern Festival in Auckland.
Not because it was required but because they had so much fun doing it, they looked up all the families years of birth and then read the description of their supposed personality traits. This caused many a giggle, especially when The Fashionista worked out her goats personality ... which amongst a few said stubborn. Milly her goat, is the epitome of stubborn!

They made up some red money envelopes and lanterns that also came with the study. They loved doing this.
They asked if they could put candles in the lanterns and of course we discussed the likelihood of them going up in flames but then I remembered some wee glasses that I had placed candles in awhile back. If you decide to do this bit then I would suggest gluing the paper around the glasses as we couldn't fit ours through the top or bottom of the lantern. Thankfully The Fashionista was patient enough to slip them through the slits.

This is now how my coffee table now looks, all decorated ready for Chinese New Year.

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  1. Those lanterns are really cute. I love pink. Last year my kids received red envelopes for Valentine's Day and we talked about the Chinese New Year red envelopes.


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