Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WWCS; Our UK Parcel

We received the most lovely package from our WWCS family in the UK a week (or could it even be two now?) ago. I have been hugely rude and not thanked them yet. It was a case of the package arriving as we were leaving for yet another pre-christmas activity and me not finding the time to properly write and tell them how much we appreciated their package. It has been preying on my mind in between running around like a headless chook these past couple of weeks. I know it's just Christmas for some people but over here in NZ it's also the end of our school year, so we have been pushing to finish certain curriculum that we don't want to have to finish next year and attend end of year break ups. It all gets a bit manic at this time of year.

The girls quickly ripped the package open, and removed the item then we had to run off. It is only today that we have had a chance to take a proper look at it and yes, eat the goodies!

The girls tried to tell me the teabag was for me ... ha, I had my eye on that chocolate!
I love that they made a poster for us about their area! They also did a page on famous UK bands, old and newer and some cute jokes, which I thought great because it's aimed at the children, who after all this experience was for.
They also included an English book which was sweet. We had thought to include some books ourselves but could only find some aimed at littlies.

This is the Fashionista pointing out the CD they included with family, homeschooling and area photos. She looks like she's screwing her face up but she was saying "LOOOOOK" ... haha, not a good snap but another clever idea. We all enjoyed sitting and looking at all the photos. I have a feeling our UK family would have a great time in the NZ outdoors..

By the way The Fashionista has decided she is shifting to the UK because their chocolate coins (kindly included) are also in white chocolate, her favourite, not plain old milk chocolate like ours! Agent Smelly adores the Love Heart sweets with all their cute sayings. I am not sure whether she likes reading or eating them more.

Culture Swapper


  1. What does WWCS stand for!

    Merry Christmas to you all from us in Oz.

    1. Jeanne it stands for WORLD WIDE CULTURE SWAP. We have been involved in a "culture" swap with four other families around the world. Here's the main site for more info

      Hope you guys had a lovely Aussie Christmas ... next year we plan to spend ours in Melbourne, so am very excited!


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