Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rudolph Christmas Craft

I had the girls make these at our Christmas GirlGuide breakup.

All you do is press your thumb into some brown paint and then onto a bauble. Once the thumbprint dries, draw with a sharpie, or paint, a red nose onto the middle of the print and two black dots for eyes and a couple of antlers. You can fit 3 or 4 around the bauble.

These are so simple yet despite this we still had quite a few mistakes made by the girls in our group. One girl covered her ball in fingerprints, another two pressed so hard they broke their balls and another couple of girls kept slipping their thumbs across the balls so that I had to keep wiping them and getting them to do them again. I might point out that the older girls were making more mistakes than the littlies too ... lol

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