Monday, December 31, 2012

A Special Posting for a Special Friend

One of my BFF's (I know that's a young kids term, but it's so darn cute), who lives in Melbourne, has a wee crush on my little dog, Scruffie. So as a little surprise I thought I'd finish the year by posting photos of Scruffie's year that was, just for her. So Chess, here you go ...

January; "Mama, stop teasing and open my treats jar ... I've been good"

February; "I bags the beanbag."
March; "Great, yet another photo shoot. Seriously girls enough with the camera already!"
April; "Yes please Fashionista, I always enjoy a cuddle." 

May; "Yes, even dogs can have bad hair days you know!"

"Oh no, don't give the clippers out. I will brush, I promise.
Maybe if I put my paws over my eyes she wont see me?" 
June; "Hmm, it's nice and warm here."
July; Snoozing on Agent Smelly's empty birthday present box.
August; "What are these little creatures? And why is one of them wearing one
of my coats and butting me? Get out of my house!"

September; "Mama, I think you should spend less time on the laptop and more on me!
Or else I am going to keep laying across it, despite you moving me numerous times,
until you simply give up".
October; "Just chillin'  - it's so hard doing nothing all day."
November; "Those Guy Fawkes fireworks scared the crap out of me ... so I ran away
 ... to the swamp!!!"
December; "My special tree is back ... now to spend the month sleeping under it!" 
with love from Scruffie and his family
x x x x x


  1. Scruffie is very cute! Our three cats love sleeping under the Christmas tree. They are going to be very disappointed when it disappears in a few days time. Maybe your tree has already been put away. I wonder if Scruffie is missing it.

    1. Tkx Sue, Scruffie has just had a lovely time holidaying at the beach. His latest trick is now drinking from a water bottle which he prefers to his bowl ... talk about a wierd dog!


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