Thursday, December 13, 2012

Practically Perfect Mary Poppins

Last night we girls headed off into Auckland to see the stage production of Mary Poppins.
The girls got all gussied up. It doesn't really take much for them to need a reason to dress up. It was interesting how many people commented to me how nice it was to see girls looking so lovely in dresses.
Here they are again, with their friend Country Girl, who came with us, outside the very beautiful Civic Theatre right in the middle of Auckland. For those who haven't seen the Civic, it is a lovely old theatre right on the corner of two main streets in the centre of town. In order to get a photo I would have had to go right across the road, which I didn't have time to do before the show started.
Eating cotton candy during the intermission.
Even though the stage production was just brilliant, the first half was rather long and they were just starting to get a bit fidgety before the break. I had a couple of whispered "how long before we get a break?" across the seats.
The show was so well done and I even saw the girls clapping and singing along in parts. Of course I threw myself into it wholeheartedly ... much to their embarrassment and my mirth.

On the way back to the car the girls enjoyed the lights and decorations set up throughout town for Christmas.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sue. They are quite beautiful on the inside too, so I am quite proud of them.

    2. I am convinced that inner beauty shines out visibly. I can see that in your daughters.

      Just stopped by to wish you a very happy Christmas with your family. I bet your girls can hardly wait until Christmas Day.

      God bless!

    3. Thank you for your wishes Sue,

      I am sure you are going to enjoy a beautiful day with your family too.

      We really are so very blessed with food on the table and loved ones nearby. Enjoy your time and may 2013 bring you every success with your writing.


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