Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Pool to ourselves ... such bliss!

One of our neighbours was going away for a few days so we offered to feed their chickens for them. When I say neighbours, we are rural, so it's a jump in the car and a drive down the road ...

They have the most beautiful pool and said that we were most welcome to use it in their absence. So today whilst I fed the chickens, after much nagging and whining, I let the girls have a dip with their new flippers, goggles and snorkel set that they had received from Aunty H for Christmas.

Not a bad view from the pool is it?

After I had fed the chickens, I sat on the deck for a half an hour to so whilst they swam about. It was 6pm at night and so humid that I even took a quick dip.

Sadly there is rain forecast for the next couple of days so I am not sure we'll be able to use it again.

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