Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Tala Icing Set

The Fashionista received a Tala icing set from her Grandma J for Christmas. It is in a tin box and has a retro look about it, which looked vaguely familiar.

I went to my pantry and voila ... there was my Nana Rose's Tala icing set. I can't locate a date on the box but from some online investigating, I think they were produced in the 50's. 

The difference between the two sets is that the modern set had an icing bag and two extra nozzles and the old set used a tin barrel (syringe) to hold the icing.

I hope my daughter has fun using hers. I can't bring myself to use my Nan's set ... I am far too sentimentally attached to it.I'd like to display it but don't want the lovely box to fade either ... how sad am I.


  1. We got the older girls an icing set too. I picked the betty crocker one though that has squeezy bottles instead of a piping bag. That Tala set looks neat. I have my grandmothers old icing sets too and they are the syringe type. I get them out occasionally, It was the perfect tool to do the white chocolate on the reindeer cookies.

    1. The squeezy bottles are probably easier to use. She's making gingerbread this morning so she can give hers a try. I may eat the gingerbread before she gets to icing them though ;)

  2. Haha good idea, she is known to over ice isn't she.


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