Monday, December 10, 2012

Summer Day Reading

Well we've just about wrapped up school for 2012. I keep thinking I should give the girls a few extra school book activities but frankly they have been keeping themselves amused doing great things.

The other day they did interviews on everyone in the house. They wrote a pile of questions and the Papa and I gave them answers that we knew would challenge them a bit. IE name a country, food, fruit, etc. They had their dictionaries in hand and if they couldn't spell them they looked them up. They had a load of questions and they did so well that the Papa and I commented on it afterwards.

Then yesterday The Fashionista made a pile of "clues" and set up a nature challenge for hers little sister which they went off and did in the morning in the lovely sun.

The Fashionista has baked a carrot cake unaided, including the cream cheese icing. I confess to being a bit surprised by that.

Agent Smelly, who remember is only eight, has written a million notes for everyone (she loves to leave us love notes) and even wrote the words to a song which both girls sang for me. It was so darn cute.

"Hayee (sic) love-bug, I wanna give you a hug.
Cause you're worth a million wishes to me.
Hayee love-bug, I wanna give you a hug.
Cause my heart is a lock and you've got the key".

She also made herself a watering can out of a milk bottle, apparently to water the plants (helloooo ... what plants, we still don't have a proper garden!) but then I noticed her watering her sister instead.

Today I did ask them to try and catch up on some reading and here they are lazing on the deck doing it hard. Another reason I love homeschooling.

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