Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Christmas Craft

Well we actually started and finished a decoration today ... yeah!  This one is all over pinterest and simply too easy. I actually wanted to do them last year but I could not find baubles big enough for the girls hands. I ended up finding two rather large baubles in Spotlights post Christmas sale last Christmas and they have been sitting in my study ever since.

Firstly paint one cute, chubby hand with white paint and listen to that wee person giggle whilst you do it.
Press said hand firmly against the bauble. I had to push a couple of The Fashionista's fingers down flat as she couldn't push hers directly onto the ball for some reason.

Here's a hand print on the bauble. We did one on each side.


We let them dry for quite a few hours and because it was hot, hot, hot here they dried pretty quickly. Then I gave the girls some Sharpies and left to decorating. Note the Fashionista had to put a vest and a dress on some of hers.


Agent Smelly drew a cute skirt and handbag on one of hers.

The snowmen on the ones on pinterest are usually all matching but I quite like the unusual flavour the girls gave to theirs.

I so love it when we can start and finish a craft in the same day!


  1. I am so going to do this next year. Remind me, will you?

    1. Hahaha ... will pencil it on the calender for you now ... oh darn first must remember to buy a 2013 calender.

  2. Very Cute and what a great idea. I love the personalized hand prints and fingerprint snowmen.

    1. Thank you. That Pinterest has such a hold over me ... I have more ideas than I can ever get to!


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