Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Straight into those sacks they went. Agent Smelly is hanging on to that metal detector! The Fashionista got a beautiful Trelise Cooper skirt, her favourite designer!
The Fashionista is totally in  love with babies and toddlers and can't wait until she is old enough to become a babysitter. So Santa brought her a Wii babysitting game to practice on in the meantime. The Wii control goes inside the baby doll. Cute ey!

The Fashionista found the most beautiful Mermaid lamp for Agent Smelly. She was in raptures over it!

She also made the most beautiful mermaid card to accompany it. She spent ages on designing a card and then much to our amusement she had forgotten to write inside it!

Come bedtime The Fashionista kept telling me she wasn't tired ... sure looked it to me.

Agent Smelly didn't even make her bedtime ... she fell asleep on a couch.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our day. Sadly I was too busy to remember to get any pictures of our beautiful lunch but I do have the most hysterical pictures of Grandma J, Aunty H and Uncle B all asleep on the couches after their lunch, which I wont publish so as not to embarrass them. You know the ones mouth open, heads lolling ... priceless!


  1. Do tell me about that wii doll! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas :)

  2. Thanks it was a nice cruisy day. Very well fed!

    Apparently on the screen it tells you what to do to look after the baby, like rock it, feed it (via the TV, not a bottle). We also got her the Wii Cooking Mama set, which she said is a little hard (which is good!). A lady was selling them both secondhand on TradeMe so we got them for a bargain. Agent Smelly got the Wii singing disc ... my ears are bleeding ... lol

  3. They sound neat. If you come up you should bring them with you. I know my girls would love to have a go on the singing one. We can just go sit outside :P


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