Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for ... "Vegemite ... of course"

Many of you may not realise this but I love VEGEMITE!  We are talking love with a capital, L, O, V and E. I eat it, nay savour it nearly every single day.

For those of you poor folk who don't live in NZ or Australia and therefore aren't familiar with it's delights, Vegemite is a black spread that tastes salty and savoury and slightly yeast or malty flavoured. Apparently it is rather strong (not by my standards) but ever so delicious thickly spread on toast or crumpets or with an egg on the Vegemite and toast, or with avocado and toast. For school lunches I used to have a Vegemite sandwich, sometimes with cheese and even sometimes also with lettuce. I still love those sandwiches.

Best ever is when you spread it on crackers that have holes and you squeeze them together and little dark worms appear which you lick off ... oh the Papa just said only kids do that ... oh yes that's right, certainly middle aged women would never be caught doing that. As if!

It has magical powers and can unite Aussies around the world. On a trip around the States many years back there were 3 other Aussies on my tour and on the first morning of our trip we all pulled out a jar of Vegemite! It's a don't leave home without it kinda condiment.

If I was at all poetic I would right an ode to Vegemite but because I cannot wax lyrical about the magic that is Vegemite I will just bore delight you with a picture of all things Vegemite that I collect. Yes I am that dorky people! 


  1. Lisa,

    I love Vegemite with cheese on toast. We call it Tiger Toast. Do you have Baker's Delight shops in NZ? They sell delicious Vegemite scrolls!

    What a wonderful Vegemite collection.

    All of a sudden, I am starving. I wonder if we have any Vegemite...

    1. Yes we do have Bakers Delight (and those yummy but seriously expensive scrolls) but my nearest is about 40 minutes away ... sigh!


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