Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for ... "Tea Parties"

Anyone with girls knows that an important part of a their growing up is holding tea parties. When they are little you drink pretend tea and eat pretend goodies that are served on their cute little tea sets. Is there anything more heart melting than watching a male pretend to enjoy a cup of tea whilst a tiny little girls watches and makes sure they finish every little drop and respond with the appropriate comments?

It appears some little girls don't grow out of it but just progress to making real ones.

Today The Fashionista whipped up some ANZAC bickies (biscuits/cookies) made all by herself whilst Agent Smelly taught herself how to iron ... with an anxious Mama watching her in the background. The "look Mama I can iron standing on one leg" didn't help appease any fears!  The pair then sat down to enjoy their afternoon tea that The Fashionista had set out just like any good 1940's housewives would!


  1. Lisa,

    I love tea parties. So do the girls! Pretend ones are just training for life as a woman. The younger girls like to dress up for their parties. I like listening to what they say as they sip their tea and eat their cakes. They model their conversation on real life party conversation. It can be so funny!

    Ironing? What a useful skill. Soon you will no longer have to do this job. I wonder if you can iron standing on one leg!

    1. Tea parties are great and quite fashionable again. I have been thinking of hosting one as a fundraiser for something - not sure what yet. I have a pile of old tea cups and sugar bowls, milk jugs, tea pots and serving plates. People are quite surprised when I tell them when I'm purchasing them what we actually use them in every day life to have tea and nibbles.

      The Fashionista likes to iron but Agent Smelly has decided it is too much work. She likes the hankies and pillow slips but the rest is "simply horrible mama". I shall be sure to try it on one leg and let you know. I bet you will too now!

  2. Heck, I'm 29 and still enjoy tea parties!

    1. I usually let my girls throw a couple of "formal" ones each year, proper invites the lot. We held a Mad Hatters One and the next one they are planning is an Anne of Green Gables ... wanna come? ;)


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