Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for ... "Flying Creatures"

As part of the Flying Creatures programme we were supposed to make lap books. Unfortunately I find lap books for big curriculum quite awkward to use so I purchased a couple of journal like books for them to use.

I have them personalise their covers.

Then each week as we complete some lap booking activities they place them into their books.

They are also able to pop photo's in them of things that they do or make during the lesson.

They can paste things in that they find, like they did here when they were learning all about feathers they went out and collected some. You can really include anything as longs as it's pretty flat.

Agent Smelly's watercolour of a penguin.

The Fashionista's sketch of a Pipipi
They can even simply include artwork that they do on the subject.

Whilst I love lap books, I find that these journal like books are so much better suited to their needs as they get older and do more work on a subject. Do make sure to get the ones with rings to bind them as they are better suited to having things stuck inside them, scrap books tend to stick up and look untidy.


  1. Lisa, I've never worked out lapbooks but the girls have put together some notebooks similar to your ones. Your girls are very artistic! I enjoyed looking at their journals.

    1. Thanks Sue. Hopefully they will be books they will want to keep and treasure.


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