Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for ... "I" am behind in my Challenge but I am determined to finish it!

I have gotten behind in my A-Z blog challenge. It is a lot harder than it sounds coming up with something pertaining to a certain letter on a certain day.

Then life interrupts, the Papa has a weeks leave, a sick child, visitors, a camp, birthday, you name it and we've had it this week.

Today I have been playing catch up in between catching up on washing, preparing and taking Brownies for another leader and homeschooling. Thankfully I had a few drafts started so I have just been tidying them up and writing a couple that needed to be done.

Please forgive me for all my grammar and spelling mistakes but I have been in such a hurry to finish them that I may have made a few mistakes. I am sure I will be horrified if I take another look at what I have posted. How do some people post each and every day and have them looking so professional.

Next week is school holidays for two weeks (we take a break the same time as the schools do here due to us being involved in so many extra-curricular activities) so the girls and I are heading off to visit friends up North so I may have to think of pre writing some things ... hmmm, such planning to do.

I am simply determined to fully complete this challenge! Wish me luck.


  1. Lisa,

    I am so glad you are still doing the challenge. I've been watching out for your posts. It is the official school holidays here and so we have plenty of writing time at the moment. (The girls are doing the challenge too.) I've been writing my posts ahead of time. I've managed to get 5 in draft form. This gives me time to go back and edit before publishing. If this week turns out to be a busy one and I don't get much writing done, I should be okay. Like you, I am determined to finish!

    1. That's what I have been planning to do ... but (sigh) it hasn't happened yet. I wont let you down ... I'll stick it through ... lol

      And Sue your stories have been brilliant. I really look forward to reading them. I cannot say that about many bloggers.


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