Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for ... "Dresses"

My Fashionista, who is 11 in the next week is mad on clothing (hence her blog name). Unfortunately she has rather expensive taste. I have no idea where she got that from ... shh mother, don't say a word!  Thankfully she also has a rather funky taste in clothing, ranging from bohemian to high street and has a knack for pulling all sorts of clothing together and looking rather trendy. I am also very glad that both my girls will wear dresses as many of their friends are reluctant to wear them ... what's with that anyway?

Anyway recently we three girls popped into a second-hand clothes shop whilst out shopping. The Fashionista found a dress in one of the stores for the princely sum of $8 and asked if we could get if for her to wear to a wedding we have this weekend. I took a closer look and thought I could do a couple of wee adjustments to the straps (it's a very tiny ladies dress) and it should fit fine.

So here's the final ensemble; dress, Christmas shoes, and borrowed jewellery and handbag from the store of "Mama" ... which both girls raid often. She put the whole outfit together, just asking for my opinion afterwards on whether it looked good, and I have to say that I think she has a pretty good sense of style for a 10 year old.

Earlier this year she found this lovely ball gown for, yes amazingly just $5! I wouldn't be able to buy the gorgeous material for that price so I agreed. We (yes she helps and sews) are going to remove the length and use it to make some shoulder straps so stay tuned.

We love recycling clothing and she gets a kick out of being able to put her own little touch on things. So if you aren't a great sewer like me or don't have the time, try buying some second-hand clothing like we do and sprucing them up. It's so much fun and saves us so much money too!


  1. Lisa,

    Your daughter is one elegant young lady! I love finding bargains in second-hand clothing shops too. Imogen and Felicity used to be models in the twice-a-year St Vincent de Paul fashion parades. They'd put together outfits from the second hand clothes in the shop, parade them for the audience, who would then have the chance to buy them. It was a lot of fun!

    1. That sounds like such a great idea. Twould be good for our GirlGuide unit to do something like that too. Hmmm, now how to go about it ... ;)


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