Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for ... "Sewing"

I have been meaning to get back into teaching the girls some sewing this year but it kept getting put back further and further as I never seemed to have the time.

Last year when we tried to do it ,my sewing machine broke down and after two trips to the sewing machine Dr, and bills that probably cost more than the sewing machine did in the first place, I gave up.

So this week the girls I finally got around to getting the girls up to finish some projects they'd started and yeah the machine behaved!

Agent Smelly finished her library / ditty bag.

Here it is again with The Fashionista's blue one that she managed to get finished last year. We did them differently The Fashionista's pulls on either sides but Agent Smelly's just has one side she pulls.

and The Fashionista finished her PJ pants.

For their next sewing projects Agent Smelly will complete a pair of PJ pants and The Fashionista is going to make a skirt.

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  1. Those pyjama pants are fantastic! I am making sure all my girls can sew their own clothes. I think it's an essential skill, as they will never be limited by what they can buy in the shops. I can see your girls are very talented in this area too!

    1. She was going to sew some cotton lace around the hems but decided it was too hard ... lol

      I agree it's a great thing to know how to make your own clothes or even simply adjust them as required.

  2. Cool! My girls love sewing and these are great project ideas. They haven't made bags before and I love how bright your girls bags turned out.


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