Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for ... "Clutter"

Oh my goodness, clutter has taken over my life! Anyone else with this problem? I always seem to so busy that many things get set aside to do later, frankly later rarely comes these days. I really need to de-clutter as I am hugely aware that when my home is cluttered, so is my mind and then my stress levels rise.

I have boxes of bills and other papers (I am sure they are in there right now multiplying as I write) in my study that need sorting and hopefully binning!

I also have so many wonderful things that I have kept for a "just in case" situation. As a homeschooling mum you never know when you may need 50 toilet rolls to build a rocket ship or need extra, buttons, wool, ribbons to make something. Imagine having all the supplies that a kindy or school has and add that to your regular home ... agh!

Oh and I confess that I am a "gadget girl". Want to make rosettes from a vegetable, I am sure I have that tool. Electric hard-boiled egg maker, mini fridge for the car, camping gear (really not to fond of camping either), check, check, check!  I make sure I do not watch those shopping channels because I ma sure that there are oodles of items that I must buy or my life will never be complete!

What about all those wonderful organisational blogs that help you tidy one room a day or some other easy peasy task. Honey, if I could de-clutter and clean one room in a day then I certainly wouldn't need to be reading a blog to do it. How long is a day to them anyway? Do they wake at like 5am and work til 5pm cause in some of the rooms I am sure I'd need 12 hours to do a thorough job. Then they really should allow a week to get over that full day of cleaning cause I sure as heck ain't up to doing another room the next day.

I spent six hours in my eldest daughters room on Saturday (yeah riding lessons were cancelled actually freeing me up some time!!!). I  went into my eldest hoarders, er sorry daughters, room to help her move some furniture around and try and get her to rid herself of some of her clutter. She's one of those kids that keeps everything she's ever been given or made or bought! The room has come up beautifully. It's not like she's that messy, but her room was just filled with clutter. We didn't manage to throw much out but we did move some toys out to the club house and put out some clothes for donating. I am happy with her baby steps and have no idea where she got these hoarding habits from.

I told youngest daughter I'd do hers on Monday (a public holiday) but sadly I simply couldn't summon the enthusiasm. Bad Mama.

Recently I even bought a set of shelves that helped sort out a cupboard in the hallway that was attacking me when I opened one of the doors. Man I love storage solutions. I am sure that it is the answer to all my problems, lots of great storage solutions ... maybe I should go search online for some more to buy ... shh don't tell. It's not more clutter, really it's not!


  1. Lisa,

    I agree: good storage makes all the difference. We actually use our garage as a storage room. We open the door and throw stuff in, and then when we can no longer see the floor, we venture in and try and declutter. Our cars have NEVER been inside the garage!

    Love the photos of your girls' bedrooms. Every time I post photos of my girls' rooms I am rather embarrassed.

    Great post!

  2. I love it Sue. We have a three bay car garage and my car spent abouta week in it and yes its now turned into a bit of a mess too.

    The Fashionista picked the very bright pink when she was about 5! Poor Agent Smelly still hasn't had her room painted ... she wants yellow.

  3. Storage is great unless you take the approach that I have which is open door throw things in and close door after!
    Its not clutter its loved lost items.
    (joining in with A to Z challenge)

    1. I have far too many lost loved items I am afraid. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. As a fellow mom on the brink of the homeschool challenge (my oldest daughter is 4... so it's just around the corner)... I am completely overwhelmed by the monumental task that looms in my not-so-distant future of having to organize homeschool stuff in our not-much-bigger-than-a-shoebox home! Good to know I'm not alone. I shall have to look at some of these "storage solutions" you speak of.

    (joining in with A-Z)

    1. How exciting for you. Homeschooling is so much fun! I really do love doing it. There are days though ;)

      I think the size of your home might be irrelevant really, around here more room means more junk to store ... lol

  5. I am a borderline hoarder . . . I could easily fall into it - and then make myself watch a show or read a book about hoarding, and then I become enthusiastic for cleaning and throwing away.
    Visiting for the A to Z Challenge . . . do you have D and E posts?

    1. I love that hoarders show. I occasionally watch it in horror and then promise myself I will never end up like that and go on a purging spree. It is good that way!

      I am slightly behind in my posts. We had a wedding yesterday (1 1/2 hours away) so the last few days have been spent altering childrens clothes and trying to find something for myself to wear. I have discovered that i have yet more clothes it's time to rid myself of ... lol


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