Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Where Arrows Fly" Book Review

Our first read aloud for 2013 was "Where Arrows Fly". It's the second book in the Barn Chronicles and is written by New Zealand author and homeschool parent, Rosie Boom. This series is based on Rosie's own families adventures and life in the rural far north of New Zealand. It is a charming book not unlike a modern day Little House series, with the family living in an old barn whilst they build their dream home. The story main character is her fourth child, eleven year old feisty and likable daughter Milly. I really love that because it's a true story there are no cliched homeschooled kids like some that tend to appear in books and so her family are wonderfully positive role models for my own girls.

Both girls loved the story, as did I, but Agent Smelly won the toss to do the book review on this beautiful book.

Where Arrows Fly Book review by Agent Smelly aged 8 1/2
I love this book. They have a big family and are very nice. They have a good life and I like how they homeschool like I do and they have adventures. They are soooo lucky to have a river to play in.
When the Booms took the wrong sheep from a paddock and sheared them is was so hilarious. I laughed my head off.
Milly is funny and she loves animals, like me. She has loads but she is very good how she always takes care of them. I would love to do what Milly does. She gets to ride her horse and milk her cow.
I wish I could play spies with them all and go horse riding with Milly.


  1. My daughters want to know more about New Zealand. Maybe this series of books would be a good place to start. The Barn Chronicles... I will have to look them up. Thanks for sharing.

    Agent Smelly's review is wonderful: "They have a big family and are very nice. They have a good life and I like how they homeschool like I do and they have adventures." Sounds just like our sort of book!

    My son Callum is saving up for a New Zealand holiday. He and his girl friend and her parents are hiring a motor home and planning to visit next May. I shall have to ask Callum to bring back loads of post cards!

  2. The books are really lovely Sue, if you have trouble getting them (although it is an Aussie publisher) then let me know as I'd be happy to send them over. Rosie Boom has a website too. Wait til you see the books, they are almost old fashioned with their fabric spines ... simply gorgeous!

    What I liked about Agent Smelly's review was that it made me think about what she liked in their family/homeschooling that I should be doing more in ours. More adventure and fun apparently ...

    If Callum needs any advice re his trip to NZ then please let me know as I'd be happy to help.

    1. Thank you so much for your offers of help! I will ask if necessary.

      God bless you!


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