Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Card Making Class with the Girls

A card making class was held this month despite it being holidays. Unfortunately the Papa was working and I was really keen to go. The girls were supposed to be going to Grannies  for a sleepover but because of the heat and her advanced age, I was hesitant to drop them off with her. Anyway the lovely lady who takes the class, knows my girls and said I was more than welcome to bring them along. It is a late night by kids standards but as it was school holidays I thought why not, they didn't have to get up early the next day.

They were really and I mean really keen to go, so after I read them the riot act asked them to remember their manners, listen to everything they were told, be on their best behaviour, etc and they assured me that they would, I agreed they could come along.

Here they are so very intently working on their first cards. They did really well and were actually onto things better than some of the adults. The Fashionista ended up changing her card somewhat as the paper we used was double sided so she ended up using different colours than the card we were following. I ended up liking her inside 'pop out' better than my own. Even Agent Smelly altered her card slightly. I like that about our card classes, we are shown how to make a card but we are more than welcome to try something a little different on them if we wish. So despite them all being basically the same they are all slightly different.

Here the girls are with Mrs S. who was showing them how to use "The Boss" which I subtly hinted would make a great mother's day present. Pastor L asked them to also run her card and her mum's through the machine and in the end our whole table had them do ours which they ever so obligingly did.

We then swapped tables to make our second card and I thought they would again sit on either side of me but no at Mrs S's daughter's table, who just happens to be one of Agent Smelly's Brownie leaders, they ran over to sit on either side of her and left me sitting down the end of the table. Humph!

They went on a great night as young Miss H, not only showed us how to make a small card but also a wee gift or lolly bag out of an envelope. How cool was that.

Agent Smelly's cards and bag.
The Fashionista's cards and bag.

This is the outside and inside of the card Mrs S. taught us how to make.
The girls had a great night and were so well behaved. Thankfully here were no "oh I wish you hadn't said that" moments or any misbehaviour. Agent Smelly did start yawning not so subtly later on in the night whilst Miss H was teaching us a card which had Pastor L and I laughing but in her defence it was a very late night for her. So I have to say I pretty pleased with them their cards. They really loved going despite there only being a room full of older ladies (except for Miss H who is only 17) and no kids their own ages.

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