Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Cleaning your Bedroom"; Instructions for Kids

Following on from my post Cleaning the bathroom with kids I have now finished the next step in teaching the girls how to clean a room properly. This time I have produced a weekly and monthly bedroom checklist.

We are using all pinks accessories for the bedrooms, lounge rooms and other dry areas in the house.

I have printed the instructions onto A5 sheets, laminated them and placed them on a ring and into the relevant cleaning box.


  Gather supplies in their pink plastic tub:
·      cleaning / dusting cloths (pink)
·      one sheet of newspaper
·      a natural spray cleaner for mirrors, sills, walls and trims
·      vacuum Cleaner

  Pick up everything up off of the floor and put it away
  Hang or put in drawers any clean clothes lying about
  Empty dirty clothes hamper into the laundry hampers
  Knock down any cobwebs around the ceiling
  Change sheets, place dirty ones in the laundry, and then remake bed with clean sheets from the linen cupboard
To clean each piece of furniture, firstly you must remove every item from it, spray it with a cleaner if required and wipe with a cleaning cloth or simply dust the item with a fluffy cloth. Remember to dust or wipe the items before replacing them back onto the piece of furniture.

  Clean bedside table
  Clean bookshelf, always starting from the top shelf and then making your way down
  Clean any sets of drawers
  Clean your dresser
  Spray dresser mirror
  Wipe mirror clean with newspaper
  Organize and tidy wardrobe

With a new cleaning cloth
  Lightly spray and wipe the window sill
  Clean any marks on the walls or doors
  Spray and wipe around the skirting boards
  Wipe around any light switches and electrical sockets with the damp cloth. DO NOT SPRAY AROUND ELECTRICALS!

  Vacuum the carpet. Pay special attention to the edges near the walls (you will need to use the vacuum pipe to do this), and under any furniture.

  Empty your bin

  Put away supplies; dirty cloths into the laundry tub and the pink plastic tub with supplies into the laundry cupboard. Vacuum goes back in the laundry closet.


Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.  Saint Francis of Assisi


  Flip your mattress (with help from someone) after you remove your sheeting and before you remake it

  Change any duvets covers, quilts, blankets, etc that may require washing
  Spray window cleaner onto windows

  Wipe clean with newspaper or paper toweling

  Wipe light shades – Dad may be required to do the main light overhead.

  Let Mum or Dad know of anything that may not be working or is broken, so they can have it replaced or repaired.

The girls are actually quite enjoying grabbing the relevant cleaning tub and checking off the list as they clean their room.

If you'd care for a copy of any of the instructions emailed to you just leave your email address in the comments and I will email them to you. You can modify them to your own individual room requirements.


  1. I just love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. Those pink accessories look so appealing. How could any girl not want to use them?

  2. Thanks Sue, I did hope pink might be more of an incentive too. I think I enjoy using them as much as they do.


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