Thursday, January 17, 2013

Starting a Command Centre

As a big Pinterest fan I have seen a number of "Command  Centres" which look really useful. For those who haven't seen them, basically they are a section of wall that you arrange with notices boards, calenders, baskets (or similar) for bills, etc. Basically a central area for the family to refer to notices, dates, birthday's, bills and such.

The Papa works odd hours and days because of his shift work and for this reason, and apparently not just because he doesn't pay attention to what I say, he tends to forget odd jobs, repairs and dates. He has told me on more than once occasion that I don't nag him, which apparently is part of my job description (who knew), so how is he supposed to remember anything. Seriously you just can't win sometimes ...

Anyway with these command centres in mind, which I decided we just simply have to have with our hectic lifestyle, I purchased my first cork board especially for him. We'll pop notes on it for things that he has to do. I thought we could colour code them, IE red for urgent attention, orange for has to be done but not urgent and green for those little jobs that we would like to do sometime. You know a new garden bed or such.

I explained to the girls what the board was for and left it on the table overnight. I thought I'd paint the frame as it's a bit cheap looking and had hoped to get onto the next day.

I was rather amused when I got up the next morning and saw that The Fashionista had added her own wee requests on it for The Papa.

They read "Make hit for goats", "Start looking for a friend for Scruffie" (Scruffs our dog and they desperately want another one, can you tell!) and lastly "Play with girls". I simply love their priorities!

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