Saturday, January 5, 2013

Indoor Camping

This week whilst the girls and I were out visiting the shops after the post Christmas sales they saw a wee three person tent on sale for $45. Out of the corner of my eye I could see them huddled together near the tents, pointing at them and animatedly whispering back and forth. Uh oh I thought, I know what they are  up to. So of course, next thing, they came over to me and asked if they could buy it with some of their Christmas money.

We brought it home and they have patiently been waiting to put it. Well sort of patiently as I told them if they asked me one more time, I'd throw it in the bin. The Papa's on night shift this week and don't ask me why, but I'd prefer for them to sleep outside in it when he's around.

Anyway tonight Agent Smelly had a wee fall in the garage whilst putting her bike away and was looking a little sad and sorry for herself. She kept saying over and over again, "I'm alright, I'm alright", whilst at the same time clutching her side and trying to hold back the tears that kept slipping out and running down her wee squirrel cheeks. She really is a brave, little, soldier when she hurts herself. I wanted to bring a smile to her face so I proposed that we try and put the tent up in her room.

In a nano-second two extremely, excited girls followed me up to Agent Smelly's bedroom, (LEGO land is currently sprawled across The Fashionista's bedroom floor) and helped assemble their very simple tent. Two poles, that's it ... two poles!  I kept getting hugs and told what a great mum I was ... they are so easy.

We didn't put the rain cover on ... as we don't seem to get much rain in their bedrooms at this time of year ...  you know it being summer and all.

As Agent Smelly was still experiencing some pain from her fall, I was a little worried about her sleeping on the floor so went out and grabbed our stretcher beds. They are just a little too long and wide for the tent but with the flaps open they were OK.

As you can see they soon fell asleep ... not!  But there is a a smile on both faces and that's what this Mama likes to see.


  1. We brought a couple of those tents a while back when they were on clearance and Tahlia and Shanay enjoyed sleeping in it in their room for the best part of a week till I decided the room needed to be cleared out for a good clean. We discovered that it is the perfect size for a single mattress and the little girls just top and tail. It also fits a queen blow up mattress well. Bethany and Faith camped outside for the night with the air mattress but it was flat in the morning lol so they only lasted the one night.

    1. Kat, the girls set it up outside and left the zipper open and when they went out to sleep in it they found loads of bugs ... so back inside they trundled. I think they were simply looking for any excuse to return inside ... lol


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