Saturday, January 19, 2013

One Proud Mama

Earlier in 2012 I suggested to the girls that they set aside some of their pocket money each week to donate to a worthy cause. I explained the reasoning behind it, but I didn't force them into it as sometimes that doesn't really teach children anything, except maybe resentment. I simply explained the concept, we discussed it further, and I left it to them to run with it if they wanted to.
Last month, just before Christmas, I overheard both girls, who were sitting by the coffee table, counting their money discuss donating money. My ears pricked up and I looked over to see The Fashionista emptying the change out of a money box onto the coffee table. She told her younger sister, that she was giving that money to the SPCA. Agent Smelly replied that she was going to give her money "to the cancer people".

I tell you it was a pretty amazing moment for me. I kept doing what I was doing in the kitchen but a HUGE, warm, glow spread through me. I was so proud that rather than be tempted into spending the money in those containers they chose to donate it. I had in fact that I had suggested it to them earlier in the year.  Granted it was not a lot of money but it did work out to be a a few weeks of pocket money (imagine you donating 3 weeks of salary) and I think the act is more important at this stage of their young lives than the amount.

Today I could see Agent Smelly being rather industrious at the table but I didn't bother her, because she was being quiet and I could see that she was just making something with some craft supplies and causing no harm. Later that night I saw this sitting on the bench. She had popped a $2 coin in the bottom of the canister and plans on filling it for 2013. 

I am really chuffed with the way they have both taken on board the concept of giving money to others. Both the Papa and I donate regularly to causes and we feel that we have been so blessed morally and financially because we do.

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  1. This is one of the best lessons we can teach our kids I think. No matter how little you might have to give when added to what others have given it can make a huge difference. Your girls have lovely big hearts like their mama :)


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