Friday, January 25, 2013

Summer Break at the Bach

Well we girls have just returned from a lovely, very HOT few days at our bach by the sea.

The girls really enjoyed the surf each day. Agent Smelly was in her element (she LOVES mermaids - she has one on the rashy she is wearing) and I was hard pressed to get her out of the water. The Fashionista enjoyed it but the water could be quite chilly sometimes, especially in the mornings, and because there's barely any fat on her, she had to emerge every so often with blue lips and her teeth chattering away. Just a few minutes in the HOT, HOT, HOT sun and she'd be right again.

They finally got the hang of their boogie boards and I got many smiles and thumbs up from them when they caught a wave in.

Each night, once it cooled down we took Scruffie for a walk along the nearby estuary and mariner. We took Grandma J along with us to the bach. She loves the bach and fondly remembers many happy days down there with her husband and The Pig when he was a young boy. So for her to get a chance to spend time down there with the Fashionista and Agent Smelly makes her so darn happy. She's nearly 85, so she's slowed down a bit but she managed to have a good rest and catch up on some reading.

We even managed to go out to one of the many cafes for lunch.
It's a shame the Papa had to work as he would have enjoyed getting away with us. Hopefully, if this warm weather continues, we'll be able to visit there again this summer.
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  1. It looks like you had a great holiday at the beach! Making lots of good memories, I'm sure.

    Is 'bach' a New Zealand word? Can you tell me more? Is it your holiday home or cabin? I love your photo of the three beautiful ladies in the cafe!

  2. A Bach (pronounced Batch) is indeed a holiday home sort of like a cabin. They were built post WW2 by the whanau (far-now is a maori word for family which includes extended family no matter how extended ... lol). They were not fancy, but were very well loved and used. All the whanau would leave the city and go stay at the family bach ... often with tents on the lawns, etc for the overspill. My father-in-law built ours around 50 years ago from fibre sheeting. Until about 12 years ago the bottom floor was sand with carpet thrown across it!
    People do use the word now for their "fancy schmancy" beach and holiday houses so ours is what is a "traditional bach" shall we say "rustic".

    I laughed to read on wikepedia "One humorous definition of the bach is "something you built yourself, on land you don't own, out of materials you borrowed or stole."

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all that info on bachs. I have learnt something! I'm so glad I asked the question. And I love wikipedia's definition. That is so funny!


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