Monday, January 21, 2013

Our package from South Africa

I have been wondering what to do with the lovely items that we received from our World Wide Culture Swap families. I hit upon the idea of the girls adding some of the lovely items to their journals as a way of remembering these special packages.

We started on the package from our South African family first. It was also a great way to slowly ease the girls back into some school work as we took the opportunity to re-read and discuss the items and look up where they were from again.

Some of the lovely African items ... that balm now lives in my handbag and
the girls asked me to put the key ring onto my car keys.

Paper made from elephant dung ... a HUGE, I mean HUGE hit with the girls.

I love how this family thought to laminate some recipes and local words.
I must remember to do that myself if we participate in another exchange.

Amazingly we still hadn't eaten all the lollies so the girls ate these
whilst they put together their journal pages.


Eating the last remaining "Fizzer". Check out the expressions ...

Agent Smelly's pages
The Fashionista's pages.
These are the near finished pages. They just had to colour the flags and they also wrote some details of the family who sent this to us (names and area) onto a piece of paper which went into the blank area they left. There was talk of glitter ... of course!

They were really pleased with the results and being in their journal, they will always be remembered. Although the girls have started to correspond with this families two boys, that are of a similar age, so you never know they could end up with ever-lasting friendships. I have kept in touch with their mum via email and facebook too so I too have gained a lovely new friend from this venture.

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  1. Oh I love this!!!! Thank you for putting it up on your blog! And for writing such cool stuff about it! We are so happy that you love your goodies!!! Their faces with the fizzers are hysterical!

    1. Tammy, I love their pages that they made with your teriffic stuff. It is so cool meeting like minded people in different parts of the world. Bless you guys xxx
      PS - We are putting together some more stuff (ie sweets ... lol) to send to the boys a bit later on when I get organised.


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