Monday, June 25, 2012

Off to OZ

Today we left for Melbourne, Australia. We hadn't intended on going to Oz this year but one of my baby brothers, Mr Plod, asked me to be god-mother to his absolutely gorgeous 18 month old son although he offered to have a proxy, I just wanted to be there in person on this special day.

The girls outside a duty free store at the Auckland Airport before we boarded our Arab Emirates flight. This is the first time we have flown Emirates and we were really looking forward to it, especially after hearing such positive things from people we know who have flown with them.

Once we boarded and the captain started speaking he announced the languages that the attendants on board spoke in case anyone needed any help with translations, etc. I was blown away by the number of different languages he reeled off. I was wondering if he was every going to stop. In our section we were looked after by a beautiful Mediterranean lady, a stunning Irish lass and a very elegant British fella. Nothing was too much trouble and they were delightful with the children.

As soon as we were able to, we had our individual TV's on. I watched "They Bought A Zoo", with Matt Damon, which I highly recommend and the girls selected "Chipmunks Chipwrecked". Once they finished, we were able to select some TV shows to watch; they had the biggest choice of shows to choose from. Agent Smelly started to get a bit wriggly towards the end of the flight so I showed her the games section on her console pad and she was in heaven. The Fashionista soon noticed and started playing them too. All the choices made the flight go in the shortest of times. 

I really liked their chairs too. Not only do they recline but the base slides forward so they are sort of like a recliner. There is nothing like a comfy chair on a long flight.

The girls were so happy with their meals that they asked me to take a picture of it for them. The had spaghetti bolognese, salad, pudding, a bread roll in the shape of a mini loaf and a water. Added to the tray was a snack boxes, that could be removed and saved for later on. Inside the box was a bag of shapes, a plastic container full of mini M&M's (this Mama's fave!), a juice box, a muesli bar and a kit kat! It was a really impressive meal. I sort of wish I'd had the youth meal but, then I had the fish which came with prawns ... yes big juicy prawns ... Emirates I love you.

The girls have declared that we will never be flying with anyone else ever again and I am pretty sure they were serious!

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