Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Learning to Sort and Declutter

Today the little madams were rather disappointed to find that for Home Economics that they would be sorting out their junk drawers and those little "hidey spots" where they put all those little pieces of paper, letters and junk er ... special keepsakes.

The Fashionista is really the worst of the pair as she hoards every little note and thing she has ever received or made. Rather than throw some things out, she will happily pass them onto her little sister. In this photo Agent Smelly has been called into her sister's room to take some of her big sister's My Little Ponies if she wanted them.

In the end, with some nagging gentle nudging along, they both did really well and managed to get rid of some of their "treasures" and even repack the stuff they were keeping away where it was supposed to go.

Now I must remember to practice what I preach and go through mine soon. :)

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