Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Visit to Guides in Melbourne, Australia

Agent Smelly had to write an article for our local Guide magazine to earn one of her badges, so instead of me blogging about the same subject I decided to use her article ...


On the last week of last term my sister, The Fashionista, who is a Guide and I, were in Melbourne, Australia on holidays. Mum arranged for us to go visit a nearby Guide Unit. We met up with the Faulkner Junior Guides (Brownies are now called Junior Guides in Australia) for a campfire along with another Junior Guide group from Brunswick.

First we played a couple of games and then we sat around the campfire and sang some songs. We had to hold it indoors because it was really, really windy in Melbourne that night.

The leaders made us some hot chocolate and we toasted marshmallows over a candle.

Then we looked at each other’s uniforms and they asked us lots of questions about Guides in NZ. They also gave us some SWAPS to bring back to our Guides and we gave them some that my sister’s patrol had made.

We made lots of new friends and we hope to visit them again.  See if you can spot my sister (who blends in a bit in her blue Guide top) and me in my easy to find pink brownie top!
Agent Smelly
TK Brownies

Before we left for Guides I took a picture of the girls in their uniforms with their Gramps and Grandma.

Both girls had an enjoyable time with the Victorian Junior Guides and do hope to catch up with them again on another visit.

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