Friday, June 1, 2012

I suppose it's Science ...

Today the girls started an experiment in their Chemistry session. Once they had completed all that they could do on it today, I told them they were finished for the day.

After having so much fun with the digiscope, they asked if they could continue using it, so I left them to their devices.

Firstly they started by pulling things out of the pantry to look at, you know regular stuff like sugar, spice, herbs, etc   Then they moved onto their faces, which was providing much mirth between them. The Fashionista was quite disgusted by her teeth when she took a look inside her mouth. Sort of glad about that as I am always reminding them to brush their teeth twice a day! 

Here they are checking out the taste buds on Agent Smelly's tongue.

The Fashionista checking out her eye ... see it displayed in the screen of the lap top.

This one cracked me up they were trying to see up A.S.'s nose! You can imagine the comments can't you?

Then of course they hunted down a dead fly to examine.

So there you have it, an afternoon spent happily with a digiscope.

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