Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LEGO in Australia

Both my girls absolutely love LEGO.  I mean what's not to love, I still enjoy getting in and making stuff too. I find there is something relaxing about building something with little plastic bricks that interlock. In fact some of the LEGO that my girls play with are mine from when I was a young girl.

In the last year or so LEGO brought out a girls series called LEGO Friends. This is so great because many of the LEGO sets are geared towards boys. They did bring out the Belville series a few years back and I did manage to purchase a few pieces of that but now that they are older they have been saving to get the whole Friends series.

Whilst in Melbourne many of the stores are having massive mid-year toy sales so the girls were able to use some of the Australian birthday money that they had been sent in the past year and saving. As they like to play with them together they often go halves in the bigger items. So today, together they purchased the LEGO house. Agent Smelly's birthday is in a couple of weeks so I was able to get some extra pieces to put away for her which she is so going to love!

Agent Smelly really enjoys building the pieces and enlisted her Gramps as her helper. She would tell him what part she needed and he would find it.  I am pretty sure they both had a great time putting the house together. He said to me that when we were younger he remembers mum spending a fortune on LEGO (yes they were even expensive back then!) and thinking she was mad but, considering how much my brothers and I and now all the grandkids have played with them that they would have had to have been the best value for money toy that we had possessed. My parents in fact still have a huge bucket of LEGO's at their house for the enjoyment of the grandkids.

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