Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Earlier this year I gifted the girls each a journal. It's simply a simple ring bound book with thick plain unlined pages.

As they accumulate items I have them stick them into their journal, ie ticket stubs, guide outing memoriabilia, photo's etc 

At their age they do don't bother with a lot of writing but I am hoping as the years go by that they will start adding narratives and sketches and doodles and so on to their pages.

I am hoping that one day they will enjoy looking through them and remembering their journey through life.

Today I printed the girls some photo's of their new club house so they could pop them into their journals. I gave them some scrapbooking supplies and let them decorate their pages as they wished to. The only suggestions I make are sometimes for them to record a date, or a person's name, etc

Hard at work.

Agent Smelly proudly displaying her finished pages.

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