Saturday, December 3, 2011

Carnival Recital 2011

Today the girls performed in their recital. This years theme was "Carnival".  It was held at the Pukekohe Town Hall, which has both upstairs stalls and downstairs ones and both shows seemed to be very full. There was a show at 11am and another at 4pm which each went for nearly two hours, so it was a very, very long day!

Agent Smelly is in the junior ballet section and The Fashionista, the intermediate ballet section but because they are very small groups they combined their dance. They performed to The Circle of Life from the Lion King.

Agent Smelly was obviously a lion along with 6 other little girls.

The Fashionista and her 3 fellow ballerinas were all different coloured birds.

These pics were taken whilst waiting backstage

We had to attend a rehearsal and group photos on the Thursday evening and then again last night for a full dress rehearsal. As their dance academy is 30 minutes away (via the motorway!) it has been a very tiring (and costly) few days for the driver! Grandma P gave the girls a box of chocolates each after their performance ... frankly I think the Mama earnt a few of those chockies!

This picture was taken during Thursdays first rehearsal. Agent Smelly is the middle lion and The Fashionista on the far right.  The white sheet was just up so the photos could be taken.

At the actual recital it's all dark with fancy lighting and stage decorated properly. Impossible to get photos during the recital as they come out black with a few lights ... lol

After the last recital The Pig took us all out (including Grannie P and Auntie H) for a lovely dinner.

Then I brought two very tired wee girls home to bed ...


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