Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

What a beautiful day we had. I was first up at 6.30am as I had to put the ham on for breakfast.

The girls came down to the lounge a bit later. As they are a bit older now there wasn't the same rush as there used to be and I was able to get them into the shower whilst I took one. It also meant The Pig got an extra hour in bed as he had worked late the night before.

We then exchanged gifts with each other, but mostly the girls emptied their Santa sacks.  The girls really seemed to like all their gifts this year which was nice as Santa was a little more restrained than normal and it seemed to pay off.

Once all the gifts were opened (except for those that we were sent from overseas that we like to open when the person is on the phone or PC), we all went outside and set up the badminton/volleyball net that they had received. The Pig and I proceeded to try and teach the girls how to play both games. It was a lot of fun as the morning was beautiful, still and sunny and everyone was in a relaxed and happy mood.

As The Pig had to leave home for work at midday, we had decided on having a huge Christmas breakfast instead of lunch, which he wouldn't be here for. His mum, and Aunty came up around 9am and then we all went inside to start and have breakfast.

The menu consisted of mini bagels with cream cheese and salmon, freshly laid scrambled eggs, bacon and avocado bruschetta (to die for!), mini pikelets with cream and strawberries and of course a ham glazed in my homemade apricot jam. We ate til we were unreasonably full and then had a cuppa.

After exchanging gifts with Grandma and Aunty H, we headed back outside to watch the girls play badminton and volleyball again. The Pig went off to get ready for work and then once he was in uniform he came back out to play again. I made sure I made him a Xmas lunch to take to work with him and off he went at midday.

The other four stayed outside playing badminton, even the girls 83 year old Grannie gave it a whirl, whilst I leisurely tidied up all the wrapping paper and leftovers.

The girls then caught up with their Grandma and Gramps in Aussie on the phone and had a load more gifts! 

We had a late lunch of salad, ham and rolls and it was light and just right. We also had some of Grandma's famous slice and Aunty H's macaroons.  I suggested the girls go and play with some of their new things and let us three ladies have a wee Nana nap. The girls received quite a few Zhu Zhu pets (hamster toys) which they love and collect and were quite happy to turn their bathroom into "Hampston Downs". We live near a place called Hampton Downs, so they have been quite clever really. Grandma and Aunty H were able to have their naps and left us around five.

We spoke to Aunty MM on the PC, who was also having a quiet time in Melbourne due to the horrendous storms that were hitting them and then sat down to a very UNchristmas dinner of ravioli with my new homemade pasta sauce.

Later that night, after getting ready for bed The Fashionista came out and gave me these vouchers that she had made and forgotten to give me. Isn't she sweet.

Despite The Pig having had to work, we had a lovely relaxing day in the beautiful sunshine. We hope your Christmas was as chilled out and enjoyable as ours was.

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