Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day 2011

Another beautiful day here in Te Kauwhata for Boxing Day.

The Pig had to go off to work early so the girls and I started our day outside with a game of volleyball and badminton. Santa really did well with that last minute gift!

Playing volleyball ... they have at least started getting it over the net!


They could not even hit the shuttlecock to begin with but now The Fashionista can serve and Agent Smelly can sometimes return the shuttlecock with the occasional blinder of a shot. To watch AS serve is hilarious, she just misses, and misses and misses, and on a couple of occasion simply threw it over the net to me!

They then popped out to their new club house for a bit of "housekeeping" so I surprised them with a morning tea fit for a princess.

The rag doll in thge picture was mine and considering they have a million dolls I am always surprised when they pull her to out play with instead of one of their modern ones.

Later in the day, I offered the girls a face mask. AS was not keen but TF was up for it.

Then we painted fingernails and toenails.  I even did some flowers and holly on their big nails.

Agent Smelly has gold toenails with holly on her big toe.

We had a lovely day and finished up with a chick flick and some chocolate. Does life get any better!


  1. Our girls would have a ball with a vollyball/badminton set like that. Might be a good Christmas present this year once the trampoline is moved off the flat part of the lawn.

  2. It was from The Warehouse Kat, and included was also a horse shoe toss, frisbee and one of those velcro mitt catch games. We bought another set of badminton rackets so the four of us can play together. It's still up and being used!


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