Saturday, December 24, 2011

Inside the Play House

Nearly two years ago we were kindly offered a play house by a friend of The Pigs if we would remove it from his yard. The Pig spent a few days dismantling it, as it is quite large and very, very heavy and loaded it on the trailer and brought it home. The floor was totally rotten and therefore unusable, as were a few other parts of the house so in order to put it back together he has had to find a deck for the base and replace some pieces of wood. He was able to put most of it together with our help holding up the sides, etc. but, the roof was simply too, too heavy for us to drag, let alone lift onto the house.

Well a couple of weeks ago when we held the family Christmas party, The Pig has the lads earn their dinner by helping him lift the roof into place. Needless to say the little madams were stoked!  Since then he has nailed and screwed it all together and replaced some pieces. There are still some external things that need doing (ie the balcony deck) but internally it was pretty much done. Just needed some sprucing up ... my area of expertise.

As you can see it was pretty mucky

The Fashionista helping The Mama spray inside the house.

We painted 3 of the walls in a mint green colour and a feature wall in lavender that was specially made for us. I then laid some vinyl self-adhesive tiles that the girls chose. Unfortunately I miscalculated so wasn't able to finish the floor but because it's Christmas and the girls were so excited we decided to move their play furniture in. We spent about an hour moving furniture around to try and get it to fit comfortably ... The Fashionista was quite fussy about where everything would go; Agent Smelly doesn't really care about that side of things.

Here's a picture taken from  the doorway. I have even put some hooks up for them.

Just inside the door on the left.

The table is just on the right of the doorway.
Note Mummy has already put a picture of the owners up on their wall.

I still have to make some curtains, finish the tiling and then paint the outside (I talked them out of pink!) and I am sure the home owners will have some more chores for me. 

By the way I was told to take my shoes off by them this afternoon as they didn't want their floor getting dirty. The cheek of them!

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