Sunday, November 20, 2011

Van Gogh; A cut above the rest ...

The second artist we completed in our unit study was Vincent Van Gogh.

This is The Fashionista's completed Van Gogh page. It was tamarillo season and we had a billion sitting on the bench waiting for me to do something with, so little madam used one as her inspiration. I was a little surprised but, I have to admit it came out great. The photo doesn't do it justice, the textures and dabbing strokes are just gorgeous. I simply adore this picture and want to pinch it for my kitchen wall but, she wont let me...grrrrrr

Agent Smelly decided to paint a fruit bowl like Van Gogh would have. Unfortunately as were only using water paints it was hard for her to get that thick paint texture that showed through in his pics. She did well I thought.  The Mama did offer advice re some shading on the bowl, etc.

The Fashionista chose "Starry Night over the Rhone" to copy and once again she did a marvelous job painting her canvass.

Agent Smelly chose "Sunflowers" (of which Van Gogh painted quite a few) to copy. I had an old paint by numbers and recalled there was a Sunflowers in that which I gave to her. Not really a good idea. The sections were tiny and it was simply too hard. In the end I had to help her simply ignore the numbers and paint over many sections at once. If I am honest it actually looks better in this photo.  Painting on cardboard rather then the canvas was new for her too. Sorry my little baby, Mama's mistake.

Thank you Vincent.  Even though the girls do recognise and recall your many masterpieces I think you may be best remembered by them, for chopping off your ear and then taking your own life ... you poor, poor troubled soul.

Visit for a copy of the curriculum we are using to complete this study.

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