Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year we held a Halloween evening at Guides. We keep this light hearted and simply have lots of old fashioned games, like a three legged race, ring toss, sack race, etc. Throw in some games involving lollies and face painting and you have a good old fashioned fun evening for the girls.

The Fashionista went as a farm girl

The overalls are a size 3, which she used to wear as a toddler. If she removed the gumboots you would see that they essentially finish around the top of the gumboot line.  The hobby horse was given to the girls years ago by an elderly gentleman in a supermarket car park - he told me they were very cute, went to his boot and came back with it for them. Wasn't that sweet of him. 

Agent Smelly in her cheerleading outfit

Agent Smelly received outfit this a couple of Christmas' ago and wears it quite often. She often fronts up to "school" in it. Although some days I am met by a princess, fairy or mermaid. When she was five and having just started "big girl" swimming lessons, she used to come to the table to do her schoolwork dressed in her togs, goggles and swim cap. I looked forward to her little outfits as I never knew how she was going to turn up.  She still does it occasionally but back then it was most days.

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