Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Picasso, who knew!

The first artist the girls worked on in their World Famous Artist unit study was Pablo Picasso.

This is Agent Smelly's first page. Her original painting was done in water colours and is of one of our chickens and their coop. I have the little flip book open and although not easy to see one of her comments on "The Old Guitarist" page reads "(gloomy)" ...

This is The Fashionista's page. We were working on Scotland for our geography at the same time, so I think she merged them together when asked to do an original in the way of Picasso. The puzzle which I removed from it's pocket to show you, is "Girl Before a Mirror" and her favourite picture "The Three Musicians" is displayed on the flip book.

Copy time: The Fashionista's painting is on the right, Picasso's on the left. I think she did an amazing job and she loves it so much she is going to display it on her bedroom wall. Unfortunately we can't find the name of the painting as we took the picture off the web.

Agent Smelly didn't get to complete her "copy work". She loves "Girl Before a Mirror" but there was quite a bit of work involved for her so we've put it to one side to complete over the summer break.

Pablo is Agent Smellys' favourite artist to-date. I am also not sure that either of the girls were able to understand how to actually draw "cubism" but they certainly did end up understanding it (as did I) and thus realising what a true genius Picasso actually was. I used to look at some of his paintings and say "gees a kid could do that" but how wrong was I. People it's really, really hard to do!

Visit for a free copy of the program we are using.

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