Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fashionista and Mama's First Guide Camp

The Fashionista has been dying to get along to her first "real" Guide camp and finally the time had come. The little madam was just so excited at getting the chance to sleep in a tent. The Mama, not so excited ... in fact dreading the experience. I spent 3 months nearly 15 years ago travelling around the United States and camping out in a tent and swore I would never do it again. Great when you are only nine but in your naughty forties, the aches and pains and cold start to effect you.

So in early November, 4 girls (including the Fashionista) and another leader from Te Kauwhata along with myself joined up with another couple of Guide groups on their camp at Schlaepfer Park Scout Camp, Pukekohe.

These are just some of the tents set up for the 36 girls and 8 leaders.

The Fashionista (far right) and 3 of her unit members on the first night.

Getting ready for bed

The Fashionista larking around in her Guide uniform at a memorial at the camp grounds

The little one seemed to have a good time and it was a good experience for her, although a little much at times for someone so young and on their first outdoors experience. We were with a couple of Guide groups who had camped many times before so this one was a bit of a jump in with our boots on.

At least she now has stopped asking me about going on a camp ...

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